How to Setup Netgear Arlo Pro Camera.

Setting up your Netgear Arlo Cameras involves these following steps:

  • Set up your base station.
  • Register for your Netgear Arlo account.
  • Setup and sync your cameras.
  • Positioning of cameras.

1. Set up your base system:

Setu netgear Arlo

  • With the help of an Ethernet cable, connect the Arlo base station with your WiFi router
  • Connect the AC adapter on electrical outlet and press the on-off button.
  • The power LED and the internet LED will start blinking.

Hence, your base station is now set up.

2. Register for an Arlo account:

  • Open a Internet browser and enter in the address bar.
  • Tap on ‘New System Setup’ and complete the required fields and click on continue.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose your Arlo base station’s serial number and your time zone.
  • Choose a service plan of your choice.

Your Arlo account is now set up.

3. Setup and sync your cameras:

Set up the camera

  • Slide the battery door and lift it up to open the battery compartment
  • Now, insert two batteries near the back of the camera.
  • Insert other two batteries near the compartment hinge and the battery door.

Your cameras are ready to sync now.

Sync your cameras

  • Bring your camera within 1- 3 feet of the base station.
  • Press and release the sync button and wait for the sync station LED on the base station to light green.
  • Repeat for each camera.

4. Positioning of cameras:

The positioning mode of Arlo Pro camera allows you to see what your camera sees.  It is very important to keep the distance in mind while placing your camera.

Maximum: You can place your camera a maximum of 90 meters from the base station.

Minimum: You can place your camera at least 10 feet from the base station and there should be at least distance of 6 ½ between cameras.

Elevate your camera: Place your Arlo Pro camera at least 2 meters above the floor.

Your Arlo Pro security camera system is now set up.

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