Netgear Arlo Security Camera

When you are out of your home or office and stay worried about what your children are doing at home or your employees in the office. In this situation, you want to have an eye on your home or office. For this, we have cameras these days. Netgear Arlo Cameras are suitable for this purpose and are very easy to install through Arlo Netgear login window. These cameras have a rechargeable battery that can last long for six months if fully charged. You can access them remotely and fix an eye at your home or office.

The Netgear Arlo Camera also has inbuilt speakers and Mic. It works with Arlo Base Station. You will also get cloud storage and it has the capacity to store recordings of up to five days. Arlo Netgear Login allows you to make an account and allows you to make changes. now, we will discuss the setup of the Netgear Arlo step by step.

Arlo base station

To connect the base station and camera, perform these steps:

Put the battery inside the battery slot first. And to do this follow the below mentioned steps.

    1. Press and hold the latch to open the battery slot.
    2. Open the compartment of the battery by holding the battery door backward.
    3. Insert the battery in by aligning it properly that is according to the pins given inside.
    4. Close the battery slot carefully. Make sure the battery is inserted perfectly otherwise, your camera will not get powered on. the base station of Arlo to the Internet. To do so, follow the steps given below. Y using this base station, you stay connected to the camera remotely. This base station gets connected to your home network.

    1. Take an Ethernet cable and connect the base station and router using this cable.
    2. Take out the adapter from the box then attach it to the base station. Plug the adapter’s other end into a power outlet.
    3. Press the on/off button at the back of the base station to turn on the base station.
    4. To check whether it is on or not, see the LED lights on the front of the base station. The power and internet LED lights turn solid green.

Download the Arlo App from App Store if you are having iPhone or from Play Store if you have an android phone. You can directly download by scanning the QR code.

The base station is successfully set up.

How to Login into Arlo Netgear Admin Page

Netgear arlo cameras are very helpful and makes your life easy. You need to have a secure environment around you. You can use netgear arlo cameras in the backyard of your house, inside your office, keeping your children secure with AWARD WINING Netgear Arlo Baby.

Netgear Arlo Camera Setup

  • Login into your Netgear Arlo using web address.
  • Click on New Arlo System and create a user account.
  • Now you need to select your Base station or Arlo camera model.
  • After selecting your Base station or arlo camera, follow on screen guide to setup your cameras.

Create Arlo account

Make an Arlo account so that you can access your camera from anywhere. To do so, follow the steps, we are explaining below.

    1. If you are setting up the account through a mobile device then tap on the Arlo icon. And if you are using a computer system to setup the account, open a web browser and type in the address bar of the same browser. Make sure your computer or mobile device is connected to the internet.
    2. You have to enable the Touch ID if you are using a mobile device.
    3. Click on new to Arlo.
    4. Select the option Arlo (Wire-Free).
    5. The app discovers your device and then you have to enter the serial number of your base station.
    1. Select the time zone from the same menu on which you have entered the serial number.
    2. Click on Continue to proceed.
    3. You have to fill some fields that come in front of you. After completing all the fields, click on the Continue button to proceed.
    4. Choose a subscription plan. The free of cost subscription can handle up to five cameras. If you want to increase the number then take another subscription plan and that is paid also.

Connect your base station and cameras together. To do so, perform the steps given below.

    1. Place your camera and base station near to each other as the maximum distance should be 30 to 100 cms. One camera gets connected to the base station in a single time.
    2. Locate the sync button on the base station and hold it for two seconds. Then release it. The Sync LED light lit up.
    1. After this, locate the sync button. Press and hold it for two seconds and then release it.
    2. Repeat the same process for each camera.
  • Lastly, place the cameras where you want to place them.

Now, you are able to access your cameras remotely.

Steps to add camera to an existing Arlo account

If you are already having an Arlo account and to add the camera in this account, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the Arlo App on your mobile device and if want to do the process through computer then launch an Internet browser and type in the address bar of the browser.
  2. Click on Add device button.
  3. From here, you just have to follow the instructions coming on the screen to add the camera or to sync your camera with the base station.

It is necessary to update the firmware if available. If the camera is working with the latest firmware then it can give better performance than the older version camera. As when a firmware update is available it comes with some bug fixes and improves the performance of the camera. In the case of the Netgear Arlo Cameras, when initial setup starts or we can say when you connect your base station and camera, it checks for the latest firmware. If the firmware is available then it updates the same after you have added the camera to the Arlo account.

Place your cameras

The position of the cameras really matters. The position is according to the areas where you want to have an eye. You can place the cameras on a shelf or mount them on a wall. Some of the cameras on the shelf and others mounted on the wall.
To mount the camera on the wall, follow the steps given below:

  1. Fix the screw on the wall and then take out the magnetic part from it or hang it on.
  2. Now stick the camera to the magnetic end. You can also use double-sided tape for this purpose instead of using the screw.

Also, charge your camera time to time for its proper working. To charge it, take an adapter. Put the one end of the adapter into the power outlet and another into the camera charging port. When the camera gets fully charged, the LED light of the camera turns blue.
If you get any issues while placing, installing, mounting or connecting or adding your camera to the Arlo account, feel free to contact us. We are available 24/7 to serve you for the problems related to the Arlo Netgear camera or Arlo Netgear Login issue. These cameras are easy to install and cause fewer issues. But when an issue arises then it will take some time to get resolved. You can see the feeds, recordings of the cameras by accessing the Arlo account.

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